Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Garrison Art Fair-The calm before the storm!

This was taken Saturday. In all my years of doing this show-
the nicest weather. The next day, I left the camera home-
the forecast was for rough weather.

The day ended with us clinging to the tent in raging wind and rain
(several inches fell in a few hours), while hurriedly packing up the
pots; amazingly, people came earlier and bought!


Maki said...

Lovely work Virginia. Wish I could come and see. xm

Debora said...

Bought a mug we love from you at the Garrison Art Fair. How can we contact you if we'd like to purchase more stuff?

virginia piazza said...

Hi Deborah,

I will be at the next Beacon Farmers
Market next Sunday, September 12.

I have a few things at Clay, Wood &
Cotton, a shop on Main St., in Beacon. (There should be a link on my
blog under galleries)

I will be doing the Open Studios
Tour, September 25h & 26th in Beacon.

If you like, send me your email, and I can keep you posted.

My email: virginiapiazza2@gmail.com